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Order Food Online

You've got the munchies hardcore. But the prospect of ordering food over the telephone is terrifying. You'll actually have to TALK to someone! What if they KNOW? What if they speak broken English and you have to make them repeat themselves constantly? I CAN'T HANDLE THIS, MAN!

RELAX; we've found another way. Just click on the ad to the right and start shopping online. Tasty hot food and cold drinks will be at your door in about an hour thanks to the fine folks at (Don't type it in, click that link to save $5.00, idiot.)

This is seriously the best thing since... well, since the last time you had bacon cheeseburgers.

  • No talking on the phone!
  • Phone orders are more likely to have mistakes due to transcription or language problems.
  • Overall speed.
  • Emailed receipts for your review.
  • YOU SAVE $5.00
  • History of your favorite orders for easy reorder.
  • No digging through a box of menus to see who is open!
  • Help support your ΔBuds!
  • Order already, dammit.
While you decided you had to read each and every word on this page, *I* was ordering food. Nom nom nom. I'm already eating. Are you?

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