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Online Weed Shows

Online Weed Shows That Talk About
Cannabis News and Culture

Here you'll find informative videos and shows that you can find online from people dedicated to pot culture and learing. There's no main focus here so you'll see everything from legalization efforts, product reviewers, cannabis news, documentaries, culinary tips and other cooking programs, and general usage culture.

Click on the titles for more information and links to where you can see these great online shows.


Coral hosts Stoney Sunday on YouTube. Stoney Sunday is a question & answer show mostly focused on cannabis questions submitted by viewers.

Linda ReviewsLinda Reviews

Medical marijuana-related news and reviews! Linda has a MASSIVE video collection of reviews for various bongs, pipes, steamrollers, vaporizers, lighters, etc. hosted on YouTube and Vimeo. We Linda!

Getting Doug with HighGetting Doug with High

Doug's podcast "Getting Doug with High" broadcasts every Wednesday at 4:15 PST on YouTube. Doug's show invariably showcases interesting guests, fun topics, and lots of laughs, and helps break the "typical stoner" stereotype. Most times, anyway! This is a must see for any enthusiast.


MastahRolla's YouTube videos are mainly about "rolling joints and making home made smoking tools". But he does offer a lot of great insight into other aspects of getting high, the law, cool stories, and his thoughts on life. Make sure you check out his "card technique" rolling video.

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