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SEO Link Building and Page Rank

Are you interested in increasing our online traffic? Are you a leading web services company who can increase our link popularity with Google and other major search engines? Well then please go away.

General Feedback

Confess your sins. Tell us your secret desires. Most of all, tell us why you love us so darn much.

Sales Department

Order rectifications, billing issues, and mob payoffs should be directed here. Along with your email, make sure you include any pertinent information about your order (such as order numbers and billing information).


Do you need to know more? Let one of our highly trained representatives give you an extremely convoluted and verbose answer to even your most simple question. Really!! They just sit here on their asses doing nothing anyway.

Business Development

As well as ad banner placements, we welcome your ideas for strategic partnering, cobranding, and other mutually beneficial endeavours.

Human Resources

Would you like to learn an exciting trade that could make you spending money and new friends? No? Then perhaps global domination with Delta Bong™ is a career path you should persue.

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