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Boveda Micro Humidipak

Keeps Your Stash Moist and Fresh! strongly recommends always using Boveda Micro Humidipaks to keep your herb moist and fresh. It doesn't matter if you are the heaviest of medical marijuana patients or just a casual user; if you store stash at home you'll want to keep it fresh.

For growers, or for users that hold large amounts of cannabis, Humidipaks are an absolute MUST-HAVE item.

Product Features

  • Individually packaged Micro Boveda 62% pouch contains 4g of moisture control gel.
  • 2-way humidity control, Accuracy of +/-2% RH. Protects against eliminates bacteria, mold or mildew
  • Preserve your medicinal herb, flowers, and cigars. Curing and storage of your herbs and tobacco can only be preserved properly when humidity is controlled.
  • Guaranteed constant level of humidity. Lasts 3 months in most humidors. In ideal air tight conditions Boveda packs work for longer then one year.
  • Use them to keep your papers fresh too!

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